Research & Development

Research Development

We are experts in manufacturing products that are utilized in healthcare applications where there is a requirement of premium care and foresight.

Karunesh Remedies specializes in developing products that are used in healthcare applications and which require a high degree of care and foresight. An intelligent team of scientists, R&D and manufacturing chemists are committed to a policy of continuous product and process improvement for the benefit of the customers.

Our Core Competence lies in the development of cost effective synthesis routes for bulk drugs and intermediates.

Our team constantly strives towards cost reduction by adopting new methods, process simplification, standardization and technology upgradation. As a part of R&D; Pilot plant assemblies are installed to carry out production trial runs, facilitating the scaling up of the product from laboratory to commercial sizes.

Reaction being carried out at our manufacturing facilities:

NO Name of equipment Capacity
1 HPLC Shimadzu
2 Potentiometric Auto Titrator Mettler Toledo
3 Gas Chromatography Netel
4 Stability Chamber Labcare
5 UV Spectrophotometer Shimadzu
6 Analytical Balance Sartoshoppe, Mettler
7 PH Meter Analab
8 Karl Fisher Titrator Analab
9 Melting Point Apparatus Analab
10 Polarimeter Rico
11 UV Cabinate Melfa
12 Laboratory Oven Melfa
13 Muffle Furnace Melfa
14 COD Digestion Patel SCI
15 Heating Mental Melfa